The Cold War started with Democrats and led up to McCarthy

Given the recent allegations that President Donald Trump’s administration has ties to the Kremlin, both financially with Trump’s ties to Russian corporations and political with the potential aid from Russian hackers during the 2016 presidential election, it seems that red-baiting season has returned to the United States. What the hell, USA?

Many know that the history of the United States is riddled with “red scares”, the most famous of which was headed by Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). However, few probably remember that the first “red scare” began with a Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, In fact, despite his membership in the leftist party, he opposed unions and leftist organizations, even going so far as to jail Socialist Party of America’s leader, Eugene Debs. This is quite a surprise, especially given that by the standards of the day, Debs was a moderate reformist (socialist), not a insurrectionary anarchist or a even a communist. The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was largely dismantled. Others were also jailed in what would later be known as the Palmer Raids, which were¬†largely assisted by the anti-German and anti-Soviet propaganda before and during World War I (WWI).

For those non-American readers, then, there is an answer in this period to the question: why the hell don’t those Yanks celebrate May Day? In an ironic turn of events, despite the fact that the Haymarket Affair, the basis of the holiday, occurred in the US, Wilson outlawed any celebration of the event. It instead became¬†“Loyalty Day”, and later “Law Day”, a day which viewed in this context, is a chilling symbol of the oppression of labor rights in the US. This continues to this day, up to Obama.

So, despite what Clinton supporters may want to believe, the Democratic party has always held anti-communist sentiments, and now are reflected by the blatantly cynical and uninformed attempt to manipulate “red scares”. The cynicism is obvious but why uninformed? The new Cold War was the “War on Terror”. In fact, Trump’s recorded business ties to Saudi Arabia made him an open target for corruption charges, but, of course, that wouldn’t do, given the Democrat’s donations from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and others.



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